Michelle has been such a blessing to our family. We were referred to her after 5 pediatricians missed our daughters tongue tie and dismissed our concerns for her health. Michelle got us on track and has continued to serve our growing family. She has always taken the time to listen, show compassion, and provide the best resources for care. We appreciate being able to connect with her directly if something comes up and getting in for sick appointments has never been an issue. If you want a provider that truly listens and treats from the heart, she’s your person.

Holly F.

It is thanks to Jana that we have felt confident about caring for our now one year-old since day one! Not only was she our birth assistant, but we took her birth Boot Camp CPR course and have had her for in-home care throughout this past year for everything from a common cold to yeast to mastitis, and I always feel so prepared and confident in the protocol that we put together! And it works with common remedies and homeopathy that I can start immediately and get locally without the need for medication! She is a calming reassuring source for us.

Whitney S.

My family moved to Texas (from Arizona) in August of 2022. One of the first things we did was start looking for a pediatrician that shared our lifestyle/ similar beliefs. As a family that did foster care and adoption, we were looking for someone to help us support these children through their government driven healthcare. Michelle gave us advice on how to do detoxes and supported us. From the beginning of seeing Michelle, we felt welcomed and supported.

Katie G.

I’ve been taking my daughter to see Michelle since she was 3 months old, and couldn’t be happier! Definitely recommend taking your littles to see her for outstanding service!

Brittnye B

I am so incredibly grateful for Michelle. She is a wealth of knowledge and a force to be reckoned with. She truly cares about her patients, getting to the root cause and will do whatever it takes to help your child. She really listens, takes time to answer questions and is honest. She is very educated and addresses the whole person which gives me comfort in her expertise and knowing my child is in good hands. I am so grateful for Wonderfully Made Wellness Sanctuary.

Lindsey K.

Jana is a fantastic provider who uses her professional experience and skills to partner with families to meet their children’s health goals. She’s kind, compassionate, reassuring and also thorough, detailed, and balanced in her approach to exploring health issues, taking the whole child into consideration. She presents options, collaborates with other providers to help my family with well-care, knowing that true health includes not just tackling current issues but preventing future ones. We love her and are so grateful to have had her on our baby’s team!

Jennifer S.

I brought my 1 year old in to Michelle because I was concerned about her eyes. They would randomly roll back and it started out of no where. During the appointment Michelle observed my daughter as she played and noticed she was walking on her knees. She was so thorough in the appointment and I love how she allowed my child to play and not just ask me questions about my daughter. Thankfully she noticed that something neurological was going on and sent us to the right person! I don’t believe any other provider would have caught that and make that neurological correlation between my daughter so dependent on walking on her knees and her eye issue. I’m grateful we caught it early and took care of it.

Jillian M.

5 STAR CARE! From the moment I stepped into Juli’s practice, I knew she’s more than a healthcare provider; she’s a true gem in the medical field. Juli’s unique holistic and integrative approach has been a game-changer for my entire family, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have found her!  Juli’s exceptional care spans across all ages in my family. She doesn’t just listen to our concerns; she truly hears them, addressing symptoms while simultaneously considering the bigger picture of our overall health goals. Her extensive knowledge of both conventional medicine and alternative therapies ensures that each of us receives a personalized plan tailored to our individual needs.One instance that particularly stands out is when Juli helped my dad transition off unnecessary medications, leading to a remarkable turnaround in his quality of life. For me personally, she caught an out-of-place number on a blood test that she easily adjusted, significantly improving my daily function.It’s moments like these that highlight Juli’s genuine empathy and unwavering commitment to her patients’ well-being. I highly recommend choosing Juli Kincaid for anyone looking to provide the best care for themselves and their family. With Juli, you’re not just another patient; she cares for you as a valued individual on a journey to better health

Jessica M.

My baby boy was in the Nicu for 2.5 weeks and probably would have been there longer, if it hadn’t been for Michelle Rowton. I had been fighting about the care of my son with the head doctor of the Nicu for a week straight. I was getting no where, until Michelle stepped in. The hospital finally listened to my wishes and respected them. Michelle was by my side every step of the way until my boy came home, happy and healthy. She was my voice when my voice wasn’t being heard. I am forever grateful for her and would recommend her to anyone who needs an advocate.

Brittany G.

Michelle was an answer to prayer when we were fighting to save my Father-in-Law’s life. He was a patient at Baylor Grapevine on a Covid unit alone, denied life-saving treatments, and was constantly threatened with intubation.Michelle listened and gave good advice, she worked with us and our lawyer to advocate for him and ultimately was a huge factor in getting him home and well. As a nurse practitioner with years of experience, she knows how to speak to hospital administrators and knows our rights. She does not back down and fights relentlessly for patients to get the care they deserve. I’m forever grateful for her advocacy and activism on behalf of all of us!

Karen S.