Dallas Location

The Dallas location provides care for the ages of 2 and under only at this time, as well as providing lactation services. 

The Dallas Location is staffed by Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Jana Spillers. Jana is an infant and toddler specialist. She provides appointments from birth through the age of 2. Jana is also able to attend to ongoing issues for infants and toddlers such as eczema, developmental delays, feeding difficulties, tongue and lip ties, eczema, and digestive disturbances, and is well equipped to handle high need infants with genetic differences, history of complex NICU care, and genetic defects.

Jana is an excellent lactation consultant and provides lactation services both in office and in home visits.

As the owner of Bishop Babies, Jana has been educating families on how to holistically care for their children in the Dallas area for years. If you are needing an educational consultation for an older child on alternative support and remedies for an illness that you are not receiving from your provider or feel you lack the knowledge to be prepared for illness, Jana can provide you with not only education, but specific direction, practices, and products to help you support your children.

The Dallas Office Is Located at:

Our Wellness Community Dallas
207 S. Tyler Street Dallas, Texas 75208

Please call the main McKinney office to schedule.  
Appointments can be booked by clicking the button below, select DALLAS OFFICE