Piroska Bata

Piroska Bata

Private Patient Advocate

Piroska is a nursing professional with 31 years of Burn-Trauma/Critical Care/Mental Health, teaching, and business management experience. Studied Nursing at McMaster University, Professional Coaching at Adler International, International Executive MBA at University of Toronto.

Currently studying for her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. Has earned her Licensed Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certificate in NLP and became an NSP Hypnotist. Piroska is now a Licensed Trainer of NLP.

Piroska is also Reiki Master/Teacher, Therapeutic Touch practitioner. This fits in with the love of martial arts/meditation and teaching of self defense. Passionate speaker about Brain Injuries, Mental Health and Workplace violence prevention, in health care settings. Piroska also is sought out by Nursing professionals in business and career coaching as the landscape of Health Care is changing. She has been a keynote speaker for nursing groups about secondary traumatic stress, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue. Presented also to various organizations about workplace violence and advanced directives, end of life care. She is also a guest instructor at York University in their privacy certificate program, detailing the challenges of digitalization of health care data from a privacy perspective.

As an RN she has worked in ICU through SARS and H1N1 on Neurotrauma ICU, Burns, Med – Surg ICU, and CV ICU for 20 years. The next 10 years she taught clinical education ( medical surgical, mental health ) was in management for over 4 years in hospitals and a College Clinic. She held an academic appointment with Seneca college for 5 years teaching Coronary care, Chronic Disease Management, and Nursing Leadership and Management. As well as coordinating all those programs for International Nurses.

As an RNAO member, she is currently the President of the Independently Practicing Nursing Interest group. She was previously on the Board of Directors of the RNAO and in various positions in Region 6 and Complementary Therapy Practice Interest Group. Strong advocate for RNs to work in their full scope of practice and be the voice of advocacy for speaking out for health and patient advocacy. On a personal note, Piroska’s father suffered a traumatic brain injury at work, which opened her eyes to what was not available in the health care system. Translating for her parents and coordinating services for her family and father created the realization how much this is needed in the community.

The past two years her focus has been Patient advocacy and helping patients navigate the health care system in Canada. This includes assessment of the situation, patient education, health teaching, remotely coaching clients and their families how to navigate the system while in hospital. Provides detailed educational materials and resources in the community such as what other health care professionals may be able to assist or are required to resolve issues.

Dedicated to excellence in patient centered care, evidence-based practice, best practice guidelines and working collaboratively to create models for outstanding customer service with integrity, humanity, respect, and dignity.


  • Patient Advocacy
  • Trauma Healthcare
  • Complimentary therapy and education