Maggie Ortiz #3

Maggie Ortiz #3

Private Patient Advocate

About Maggie

Maggie Ortiz is a mastered prepared critical care nurse with 21 years of experience. She has been a patient advocate for many years and has great success in helping patients and their loved ones navigate the sometimes tricky healthcare system. As an ICU, ER and Cath Lab nurse, Maggie had to educate and create nursing care plans for patients and have detailed, intense understanding of the standard of care. As a prior investigator with the board and a current expert witness, Maggie also understands the accountability of healthcare providers to patients. Maggie has a clear understanding that ALL healthcare providers have a DUTY to their patients and is able to assist you in holding those providers to the standard of care your loved one deservers, as well assist you on how you handle any provider who refuses to provide care up to those standards. Let her help you and your loved one get the standard of care based on science that everyone deserves.


  • Patient Advocacy
  • Critical Care
  • Healthcare standards and education