Patient Advocates

Private Patient Advocate

Fighting for the Healthcare you Deserve

At Wonderfully Made Wellness Sanctuary, our Private Patient Advocates work for you to ensure that you and your family receive the healthcare that you deserve. Independent and third party, our advocates are experienced navigating the ins and outs of the healthcare system, effectively communicating with doctors, nurses, hospital staff and more so that the right medical care is received.

Every patient deserves holistic, compassionate, respectful care that not only meets appropriate standards of care, but also respects the patient’s medical freedom and personal choices.

Unfortunately, patients do not always have this kind of an experience. When choices are not respected or worse, ignored, advocates provide support, fighting on behalf of the patient. As seasoned providers who have worked in various healthcare systems, our Advocates understand the fastest route of success, knowing WHO to talk to, HOW to talk, and WHEN to talk, so that results happen.

Our Private Patient Advocates are available with a consulting fee. For more information, call 469-631-0023 or email

Private Patient Advocates offer the following services:

  • Explain and clarify details of your current health status, treatment plan, and communication from your healthcare providers.Assist in navigating the healthcare system including how to pull the chain of command to demand the care and respect you deserve.
  • Provide education and references from medical literature regarding available treatments, so that you can make knowledgeable decisions on your care.
  • Deliver a third-party voice during communication with your healthcare team, including holding them accountable for the way in which you are spoken to, requiring them to answer EVERY question that you have. We hold the healthcare team accountable for their behavior as well as their dismissal of your requests, and ensure that they are following standard of care.
  • Advise on medical power of attorney, medical surrogate, and advance directives paperwork.
  • Collaborate with your attorney if one becomes necessary. When able, provide referrals to attorneys and law firms who are able to assist you with your case.
  • Provide guidance and assistance in reporting healthcare workers to their boards and hospitals to their oversight and governing systems when needed.
  • Educate you and your family on the latest COVID treatments.
  • Assist in finding alternate healthcare providers or institutions when needed.

We are passionate about fighting for healthcare for ALL who seek it. No one should be bullied or dismissed while seeking the right care. We ensure you have the resources and support needed for your healthcare, effectively navigating the system for you.

Our Private Patient Advocates are available with a consulting fee. For more information, call 469-631-0023 or email